Volunteering is good for you!

 As well as benefitting the local community, volunteering is also good for the health and comes recommended by doctors! It is shown to contribute to lower blood pressure, and to decrease levels of anxiety and depression.

The majority of people who volunteer tend to be in the 16-25 year old or 65-74 age ranges. This is probably because for people between 25 and 65, time is taken up with parenthood and work. However, if you are in this age group, it is well worth making the time to volunteer, as it is a really good antidote to the many stresses associated with modern day living.

Volunteering also offers you something different to do with your family and friends. Additionally it can help when difficult events take place in your life you are finding it hard to get your life back on track (e.g. bereavement, divorce, ill health etc) by giving you a sense of fulfilment and wellbeing.

For the younger age group, and for anyone seeking employment, volunteering provides experience, can be a stepping stone to employment, and a chance to get references.

With so many pressures on the young, problems with mental health are on the increase, and volunteering in a relaxed atmosphere provides a useful escape from all these pressures.

In later life, many people choose to spend time on activities that they may not have had time to do before retiring, and volunteering provides a way to learn new skills, and meet new people.

Volunteering can combat social isolation. Helping in the community can help ward off loneliness, and give people a new direction in their lives.

The variety of opportunities available is enormous. From gardening to befriending, being a fundraiser or a trustee, there really is something for everyone so why not give volunteering a go?  If you enjoy sewing, we are looking for people would like to do some volunteering from home, sewing knitted squares into blankets for local hospitals.

For more details of this, and other opportunities currently available visit www.volunteerdacorum.org. Alternatively, if you need some help and advice you can make an appointment with one of our advisers Tel: 01442 247209 or visit us in the Roundhouse, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead.

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