Unsure about Volunteering?


If so, our Life Coach Viviana can help you explore whether volunteering is, or isn’t the right option for you. Here at The Volunteer Centre, we are very fortunate to have the services of Viviana. Viviana has a degree in Psychology and, as well as volunteering with us, she is employed as a youth and career life coach helping and supporting people to find more direction and meaning in different areas of their lives.

There is often confusion about the different areas of counselling, training, mentoring and consulting. The difference with life coaching is that it focuses on the future rather than the past enabling you to discover how you can move forward from where you are now to where you want to be. Coaching allows you to release your potential and helps you make the necessary changes happen.

In a coaching session, Viviana will ask questions aimed at helping you arrive at your own conclusions about your future. Viviana will provide helpful input and suggestions along the way, but you will find the most useful answers will usually come from you yourself. The sessions themselves are nice and relaxed and come highly recommended.

Life coaching sessions at the Volunteer Centre are aimed at helping you find more direction and clarity regarding your volunteering aspirations. These sessions enable you to express your ideas and thoughts about volunteering, explore your interests and/or skills, help you overcome any challenges you may be facing as a volunteer and generally address any aspects or concerns that you may have about volunteering.

We hope that, if you are contemplating volunteering, you will take up this FREE offer and make an appointment to come and talk to Viviana. Viviana is at The Roundhouse (by Boots), Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead every Thursday from 10am to 1pm.

For appointments, please contact us on 01442 247209/214234 or email us at info@volunteerdacorum.org For more information on Life Coaching and our many volunteering opportunities, visit our website www. volunteerdacorum.org

The Volunteer Centre is open 10.00am – 4.00pm Weekdays and 11.00 – 3.00 Saturdays. Please note - for same week appointments with Viviana, you will need to call before 4pm on the preceding Tuesday.