Barbara Burford (Volunteer)

6 Months on ….


The six months that I have been writing these articles for Volunteer Centre Dacorum have been really interesting and informative for me. It is great to be doing something that captivates my interest whilst at the same time doing something useful for the community.

Probably like a lot of people, I didn’t fully appreciate the wide range of volunteering opportunities available or the large part that the Volunteer Centre plays in placing people in roles that suit their interests and abilities. I was also very surprised at the range of skills and experiences that the volunteers bring to the Centre. Everyone is so willing and helpful that it is very much a team effort with all ideas and suggestions welcomed.

Currently the Centre has two permanent members of staff who are assisted by over 30 volunteers who help at various times during the week. In the last few months the volunteers with good information technology skills have been very involved in the set-up of the new interactive website which allows more effective communication between volunteers and organisations. They also produce monthly lists of all the current volunteering opportunities as well as updating leaflets.

Although the Volunteer Centre is a charity, like any organisation, it has to be run like a business. As the volunteers between them have experience in management, accountancy, human resources etc the Centre is able to function really efficiently.

Some of the volunteers act as advisers for people who need help in choosing a volunteering role. The Centre also has a professional ‘Life Coach ‘who is the perfect person to talk to if you are at that point in your life when you want to move forward and try something new but have no idea what that something should be!

… And of course there are the friendly and helpful reception staff who are always pleased to tell you more about Volunteer Centre Dacorum.

I love volunteering and find it so rewarding. The day I walked into the Centre was a good day for me and it could be for you. Why not give it a try?