The Benefits of Volunteering


Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do, for yourself and for the community. Male and female happy volunteers looking down towards the cameraThere are countless reasons of why you should volunteer and the variety of opportunities available here at The Roundhouse is enormous. From befriending to gardening, administration to fundraising, there is a role to fit everyone.

While you are giving back to the community by volunteering, it comes with a great sense of achievement, fulfilment and wellbeing. Knowing that you have made a difference to the lives of others is a great confidence boost.

There are many health benefits to volunteering, both physical and mental. A study by the Royal Voluntary Service showed that volunteering increases people’s quality of life and life satisfaction scores. It is also known that volunteering is an effective way to combat depression, anxiety and other mental health struggles. Volunteering also increases your physical activity – which is incredibly important as you age as it can help ward off certain diseases. Studies also show that volunteering can help to decrease your blood pressure.

If you are seeking employment, volunteering is the perfect stepping stone. It will look great on your CV and provide you with references to use. Gain experience in a laid-back, pressure-free environment. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn new skills or refine existing ones.

For retirees, volunteering is predominantly a social activity – helping in the community can help ward off the loneliness and social isolation that can come with retirement. It’s a great opportunity to enlarge your social circle! As well as that, it can provide a sense of purpose that may be lacking once you’ve stopped working.

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