Support 4 Dacorum Volunteer Centre   - 1st to 7th June is Volunteers' Week

Volunteers' Week LogoThe staff and trustees of CAD would like to thank all those who volunteer with Dacorum organisations throughout the year for all their work in supporting their local community.

We would also like to share with you a letter from Dacorum Borough Councils Chief Executive Sally Marshall and the Leader of the Council Andrew Williams, to the volunteers who have come forward during the Covid- 19 crisis.

Dear Volunteer

We want to sincerely thank you for coming forward at a time of real need for our community here in Dacorum. We are more than impressed by the number of people who have selflessly stepped forward to help others and to meet the needs of Dacorum residents at a hugely challenging time. We would like to personally thank you for offering your time to help others.

We have been working with the Volunteer Centre at Community Action Dacorum to place volunteers in the Borough and to contribute to the needs across the county. We have seen a tremendous response from Dacorum residents with over 600 of you coming forward to help in the past month.

About half of those who have come forward have been allocated roles so far and the team at the Volunteer Centre are working to contact the rest of you on an ongoing basis. You should be aware that whilst we may be past the peak for the current lock down period, the need for volunteers will go on for some time into the future. We are pacing our approach to volunteers to meet the ongoing need over the coming months.

As we return to a new normality, charities across Dacorum will have a renewed need for more volunteers and the team at the Volunteer Centre will be in touch as these opportunities present themselves.

Thank you again for all your patience, support and generosity. It is people like you that make Dacorum a great place to live.