Support 4 Dacorum LogoSupport4Dacorum as an umbrella group is surveying local voluntary sector organisations to find out which voluntary groups are up and open again post lockdown and who are still closed and even possibly facing the prospect of not reopening again.  We are keen to support those facing closure with advice on finances or help with volunteers, risk assessments or anything else that may be causing them issues.

The voluntary and public sectors who work closely together to support those most vulnerable in the community are concerned that if some of the voluntary organisations who work on the front line do not open again this could leave many of our most vulnerable residents who have been isolated and shielding, unable to get back to their clubs and groups of the past.

It is known that loneliness and isolation can cause poor mental and physical health in the elderly and we are appealing to all clubs and groups who work with older or vulnerable people to let us know if they are still operating or planning to open, when this is likely and if they will have spaces to take new members or visitors.  This information will be passed to Herts Help so that those working in the community and residents and families themselves can find places that are safe and welcoming for those that need it.

Simon Aulton, chief executive officer of Community Action Dacorum, said “we really want to map out what organisations are operating in Dacorum and support those that may have issues so that as soon as possible we can get local vulnerable people back out and enjoying themselves in these local clubs and groups”.

Support4Dacorum would like to hear from you if you are a community group looking for help to get open and also from all groups and services that operate to support vulnerable and isolated groups to let us know if you are operating and if you have spaces for new members.

Please email with any information that can help us build a picture of the social opportunities in Dacorum for those who now need to emerge from social isolation.