Life Coaching


VivianaWe are pleased to offer the services of Viviana Coscotin, a life coach, who is looking to help volunteers find more direction and clarity regarding their volunteering position or their interest in volunteering. The service is available Thursdays mornings between 10:00am and 13:00pm, and is welcoming everyone interested in getting change and progress in their lives.

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Tel: 01442 214734

What is Life coaching?

Life coaching is a powerful technique that can empower people to take wise decisions and find solutions to different issues or situations. There are numerous positive outcomes and actions that can take place as a result of the coaching process. People normally become more aware of their thinking and realize what their desires and aspirations are. They are more likely to acknowledge beautiful possibilities and opportunities available to them.

Coaching can be applied in various areas of one’s life but it is extremely popular in areas such as business or career. With the help of a coach, people can identify their goals and aspirations, gain confidence, boost their self-esteem, and make huge progress in their lives.

Our project is aiming to help volunteers get more clarity regarding their skills and attributes but also interests and passions. We are looking to help people that might be unsure about volunteering, people that would like to explore and discover why volunteering is right for them or maybe people that just want to talk to someone about their thoughts in regards to volunteering.

By including the coaching service, we would like to offer, to everyone interested, the opportunity to explore their thinking, their interests, and reasons why to become a volunteer, offering the time and space to reflect and find the right answers.

This project it is all about our volunteers, their needs and interests, we are looking to help people understand how they can use their best skills and abilities, so they can benefit from an extraordinary volunteering experience.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, come and see us. We are looking forward to seeing you!